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Part of Homes by Tradition’s unique process and experience is the option to work with our preferred mortgage lender, Tradition Mortgage, LLC.  While it is not a requirement, and we encourage all of our clients to shop around, Tradition Mortgage, LLC is one of the premiere mortgage lenders in Minnesota.  Working with our one of our preferred mortgage lenders, allows our buyers the convenience of working with one point of contact who is specialized in new home construction lending.

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Tradition Mortgage, LLC has a business relationship with Homes by Tradition, LLC. Homes by Tradition, LLC and Tradition Mortgage, LLC are affiliated companies, with the same individuals controlling ownership in both entities. BECAUSE OF THIS RELATIONSHIP, THIS REFERRAL MAY PROVIDE HOMES BY TRADITION, LLC. A FINANCIAL BENEFIT.  You are NOT required to use Tradition Mortgage, LLC as a condition of the settlement of your loan on the property. THERE ARE FREQUENTLY OTHER SETTLEMENT SERVICE PROVIDERS AVAILABLE WITH SIMILAR SERVICES. YOU ARE FREE TO SHOP AROUND TO DETERMINE THAT YOU ARE RECEIVING THE BEST SERVICES AND THE BEST RATE FOR THESE SERVICES.