Nature’s Color Palettes & Home Design

So you’ve started your new home build process and now it is time to think about some home design ideas. Have you considered using some of nature’s color palettes?  Think back to your last vacation.  Was it on a beach?  Maybe in the mountains on a ski trip?  Don’t you wish you could capture the stunning colors in the sky at sunset?

Scenery is relaxing and has a way of leaving you in awe by the beauty of nature.  Take that beauty home!  One way of keeping a treasured memory in mind or around you is to use it in home décor.  Use a picture from your family trip to the Caribbean or Colorado as inspiration for your next painting and designing project.  Study the photo and draw out your favorite colors.  Mother Nature has already done the work for you; just pick a palette!  We’ve already done a few examples to get your project started.

Home Design Ideas - Mountains Color Palette  Forest Color Palette Blueberries Color Palette Foggy Lake Color Palette Sunset Color Palette Coral Reef Color Palette

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