Make Your Yard an Oasis – Landscaping Ideas!

The outdoors to a true Minnesotan is like peanut butter to jelly.  The warmer seasons are a great opportunity to clean up our yards and show off our landscaping creativity.  Read on for some ideas and tips to get your creativity ignited.

  • Add a splash of color.  Instead of all your plants being green, add some brightly colored flowers.  Perhaps have a monochromatic mix of a variety of purple flowers. Or use any colors in the spectrum.
  • Match your flowers to your house.  Is your house blue?  Match it with blue flowers.  Do you have orange or red shutters? Accent them with similarly colored flowers.
  • Use unique planters.  Place a plant in a birdbath. Go thrift shopping and find a fun old wheelbarrow or something similar to use as a nontraditional planter.
  • Put lights in your edging.  Incorporating rope lighting in your concrete garden or home edging will cast an attractive glow on your house at night.
  • Upgrade your driveway.  For a unique drive way, use stone pavers instead of traditional concrete.
  • Incorporate water.  A unique fountain can be a fun way to spice up your garden and landscaping. Home improvement and landscaping stores are sure to have a variety of choices. You could even make your own wine bottle fountain, as seen on our Sister Builder’s Facebook page.
  • Use stone.  There are a plethora of types of stone and ways to style it.  Sunset magazine has a slideshow with great ideas.
  • Create entertainment space.  Use your backyard landscaping as a way to bring your family and friends together.  Build a barbeque pit for roasting marshmallows.  Add a hammock and comfortable seating. Hang outdoor lanterns from trees.

There are many other resources you can use to get started with your outdoor project.  Ask a sales representative at the nursery or pick up a landscaping magazine. You’ll have a summertime haven in no time.  OR …if you’re building with us, we also offer landscape packages.  Inquire today!

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