Appliances: Add Appeal and Function to Your Custom Home

Imagine living your day without appliances – it’s been done in the past, but with the pace of today’s lifestyles, it would definitely slow things down.  Appliances are essential to making our homes operate efficiently.  Whether you’re heating up dinner, grabbing a cold beverage, washing dishes, or doing the laundry, appliances keep your household moving!  Working with blogger Julie Warner from Warners’ Stellian, we’ve highlighted some great appliances found in a few of our custom homes.


LAUNDRY – This laundry room makes doing laundry something to look forward to.  Making a spacious laundry room with large windows helps make a laundry room a place that you can be in without feeling like you are in a dark utility room.  The red top-of-the-line washer and dryer give this laundry room a pop of color against the custom gray cabinets and dark flooring.  There are even two rolling laundry hampers to help assist with the sorting of laundry, making the process even easier!

140224_023KITCHEN – A lot of time is spent in your kitchen. The appliances in this kitchen are anything but typical. Showcased in our current Spring Parade of Homes model, this 38 cubic foot Frigidaire refrigerator/freezer grabs the attention of anyone who steps foot in this home.  Moving past the large refrigerator/freezer, the double ovens, hidden microwave in the center island, and Electrolux pro-style rangetop also adds to the kitchen’s sophistication.

A basement Wet Bar 2

WET BAR – Homeowners who entertain frequently will agree that a wet bar is a must-have in your home.  Bars can act as a second kitchen for the homeowner with the full-size refrigerator, microwave, and wine cooler.  With a space like this, having a party is easy and accomodating!

These are just a select few of our many homes that showcase Warners’ Stellian appliances.  Check out the Warners’ Stellian blog for a recent article posted about Homes by Tradition.  For any other questions, please call 952.322.8700 or email us at

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