Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh; without Chemicals!

Kids, pets, cooking odors, and a long winter with no open windows can leave your home with an unpleasant scent.  Air fresheners are a solution, but generally filled with chemicals and can be expensive.  For a cheap way to make your home smell fresh, try these solutions to cleaning without chemicals.

Step 1: Pick your ingredients. Citrus, fruits, herbs, pine needles, extracts, and spices are all fragrant options.
Step 2: Combine your ingredients with water in a sauce pan on the stove. Simply cover and heat the mixture. After it is heated, remove the cover and let simmer. An alternative would be to put the water and other ingredients in a crock pot.

Only two very simple steps to give your home a lovely, natural scent.  Williams Sonoma uses a lemon, rosemary, and vanilla mixture in their stores.  You can choose whatever concoction you fancy! Visit for more detailed instructions and ideas.

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