GREEN Trends in Home Building

In recent years, ‘green’ and eco-friendly ways of living have become more and more popular.  With increased awareness on the subject, homebuilders and suppliers are coming up with new ways to improve our home’s sustainability.  At Homes by Tradition, we’ve adapted and offer eco-friendly features for our homes and test every home for energy efficiency!  By incorporating such trends and methods, we can have a great impact on not only the environment, but on our own health.  Keep in mind a few of these green trends to utilize when building your home:

  • PicMonkey CollageSolar Energy – We already know celebs like Leo DiCaprio and Alicia Silverstone are crazy for renewable energy.  Putting solar panels on homes is a great way to help power your home.  Now, Leo and Alicia live in sunny California, which is a little different, than Minnesota; however, this trend can still help conserve energy and money.
  • Bamboo – Pandas already love it, and we are starting to as well!  This type of wood is becoming popular because it is durable, grows quickly, and is readily available. Plus, bamboo makes for one good-looking floor!
  • Recycled & ‘Green’ Materials – Since being ‘green’ has become more widespread, many of the materials used to build your home come in more eco-friendly options for roofing, countertops, flooring, and even sustainable landscaping.  Recycled steel, recycled wood or plastic composite, stone, and other natural resources will play a part in construction to reduce environmental impact.
  • Smaller Homes – Downsizing and building smaller homes is a trend that is expected to increase.  This is a great way to save space, energy, materials, and money!  Plus, an added bonus to a more petite house – less to clean and maintain!
  • Efficient Appliances and Home Systems – Windows, dishwashers, washers, dryers, and heating/ cooling systems can all be purchased in energy efficient versions.  Many times you can even receive tax credits for these types of home purchases.
  • MN GreenPath Testing – Launched in 2011, MN GreenPath provides builders with a realistic approach to building energy-efficient and sustainable homes.  Working in conjunction with Residential Science Resources, 3 separate field tests are done on each of our homes (at framing, insulation and final completion).  This 3rd party testing company helps us throughout the building process to make sure we achieve the goals of the program.  After the final test, we are given a Home Performance Report (HPR), the “window-sticker” that allows us to compare expected energy performance of each home we build.  It gives us a benchmark of how energy-efficient our homes are and gives us knowledge of how to consistently improve as we move forward with building in the future.  Homes by Tradition had the first home tested in the program’s inception and has always been at the leading edge of the industry with our energy-efficient practices.


By applying these principals and other eco-conscious trends and materials, we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, eliminate excess waste, reduce energy and fossil fuel consumption, conserve water, improve indoor air quality, and lower our bills. What a great step towards a happy, healthy life for you and your family


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  1. It’s really neat that newer home systems like HVAC systems are now available in more energy efficient versions. I’ve heard that you can even have smart light fixtures installed. You can then use your phone to turn off lights, dim them, or even schedule them in order to be more energy efficient.

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