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Decks Cape Coral

Decks Cape Coral

People in Florida love to sit outside and enjoy their nice, warm weather and ocean view.  You will see many decks in Cape Coral. If you are a business owner you can enhance the customer’s experience at your place of business by providing them this outdoor oasis. Here at Southern Cross Contracting, we can build the perfect deck for your business or home. Our service is kept affordable while we strive to provide you with the best service around.


If you like to grill out and entertain, there is nothing quite the same as doing things like this on a deck that overlooks the water.  With a deck, you can truly enjoy Florida living.  Florida has a lot of waterfront properties and businesses. Southern Cross Contracting knows how special a deck can be to your family or your business and will build a deck that is sturdy and will last a long time.


We custom design each deck to satisfy the customer’s needs from oceanfront decks for you and your family to relax on to decks for your customers to dine on at your business. Whether you are in Fort Meyers, Naples, Cape Coral or anywhere in the Cape Coral, we can create that special atmosphere that the deck brings.  We have all sizes of decks to choose from. There is a  small one that is perfect for a couple to at on. The largest is used for parties and entertainment of many guests. Whatever your needs are, we have a deck that is the right size for you.


We use the highest quality materials on our decks. We start the process with one of our experts evaluating the location you want the deck placed in. They will analyze the surroundings and the home or business the deck will be attached to. They will also listen to what you want to use the deck for. After the inspection and evaluation are complete, our experts will provide you with a variety of options to choose from. When you decide exactly which deck you want that will meet your needs, our contractors will get to work.


We can repair your Deck when Needed


Though decks are designed to last a long time, they do need repair sometimes. Whether the deck is damaged by a storm or just old and need a make-over, Southern Cross will get the job done. Decks Florida keys are important to the customer and a damaged one can hinder the lifestyle of the owner. Our contractors are experts at what they do. They will not just patch the damage but will dig to find the root of the problem and fix it from there. It will do no good to replace a broken board if the beam is the actual problem. Your satisfaction with the finished product is important to us and we will provide that by using only high-quality material and professional service.


Having a deck added on is a big investment and we understand that. Whether you need a new deck or need to have one repaired or replaced, we want you to be able to enjoy your deck for years to come.




Decks Cape Coral
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Decks Cape Coral