Incorporating “Greige” in Your Home

Neutral colors are popular in design, as they allow the greatest flexibility with your furniture and decorations. Recently, there has been a shift from beige to grey in popular paint color. Or sometimes even a combination of the two: “Greige”. The adjective greige actually has origins from French and Italian words meaning “being in an unbleached un-dyed state as taken from a loom” (Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary).  See three examples below of how we have incorporated greige in our homes!

Oh, and we must mention that Sherwin Williams paint colors are our go-to favorites!

In the Kennsington in Spirit of Brandtjen Farm, the greige walls are accented by neutral furniture and pops of orange.


Greige also plays well with dark woods and looks great incorporated into the kitchen’s backsplash as seen in our model located in Plymouth.

This color also looks great in a bedroom! The Arlington’s high ceilings are accented nicely.

HBT Arlington Greige

What do you think?  How would you use this new, popular neutral?  Share your thoughts or photos of your own with us on Facebook!

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