People living in hot areas are now using misting systems to regulate humidity and cool off temperatures. Mist cooling fans can also be used to reduce odor and dust in an area. Outdoor misting systems are more portable and use less energy compared to regular air conditioners. Are you looking for a misting system? We are your go-to supplier.

At Cool-Off, we pride ourselves in our powerful outdoor misting fan. Just like all our compact appliances, our misting systems are uniquely designed to keep temperatures cool. We have several mist cooling systems ideal for spaces with different sizes. What’s more, we provide same-day shipping at no extra costs.

How Can You Get a Misting System to Where You Want?

Low-pressure mist cooling fans are lightweight and can be moved from one corner of your yard to another. They may be moved a few feet away or even further.

However, do not let their portability and light weight fool you; they can easily topple over. Therefore, it is important to have support weights at the base or ensure that your portable misting system is positioned in a safe and stable place.

Misting systems use a free tank, freeing you from using a water hose that would limit its portability. Even better, your misting fan will be more portable if you use a generator for electricity supply. Most misting systems that have free tanks come with wheels or carts to make it easier to transport the fans and other supplies.

How Should You Maintain your Misting System?

Outdoor misting systems are not high maintenance devices. However, the level of attention that these devices require varies. Low-pressure hose fans which use nozzles to create mist will require regular cleaning to prevent the accumulation of debris. You will need to tap the nozzles with a screwdriver to dislodge some of the sediment. To remove stubborn sediments, soak the nozzle in vinegar or lime water for about an hour and then scrub with a stiff brush.

If you fill the misting tank using ordinary tap water, clean it regularly with soap and water to avoid the accumulation of calcium. Fans that use centrifugal pressure are easier to maintain since they do not have nozzles. Wipe them down with water and soap.

Setup Tips

Outdoor misting systems are lifesavers, especially during the hot months of summer. Here are some setup tips that will help you get the best out of your misting system:

  • You do not want to have clogged nozzles as this would disrupt the normal functioning of the system. Ensure you flush out the water lines before using your misting system for the first time. That will get rid of any debris.
  • Try turning your water up and down to see how it will affect the quality of the mist. The mist gets wetter at some point.

Get a Mist Cooling System

Make sure you buy your misting fan from a trusted and reliable supplier. At Cool-Off, we are reputable for our high-quality and cost-effective misting systems. Call us today on 800-504-6478 to purchase yours.

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