Make the Best of Multi-Generational Living!

A new trend in custom home building is the incorporation of multi-generational housing.  It is becoming more and more common for aging parents to move in with their children and their families.  Your family is important and you want everybody to feel comfortable and at home.  Here are some tips and things to consider when building a home for multiple generations

  • Encourage open communication.  Take time to discuss with your family the upcoming changes.  Discuss use of space, boundaries, roles and responsibilities, and expenses.  Be sure that boundaries and expectations are established in the beginning.  This way, all family members will have an idea of what to expect and be comfortable discussing any issues that may arise.
  • Create personal space.  Make sure all members have an area where they can have alone time.
  • Make family time.  The great part of having multiple generations under one roof is that making time to spend together is a little easier.  Designate time for family dinners, game night, or perhaps a movie night.
  • Consider building options.  There are many ways to incorporate space for every family member; it just depends on personal preference.  Do you have space for a guest house?  Could your parent or in-law have their own entrance?  Discuss and evaluate your family’s needs to help find a solution that all are comfortable with.

Your family is certainly beloved and your home is treasured space to bond and learn about one another.  When looking to build a new home, be sure to choose an experienced home builder that understands your family values and listens to your needs.  For more information, contact Homes by Tradition at 952-322-8700 or

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