Painting the Ceiling – Tips to Get Started

One overlooked area for color in a room is the ceiling.  Why not switch it up and try something new like painting the ceiling?!  Adding color to a ceiling can breathe some new life into your room and add dimension and depth.  Below are just a couple helpful hints to get you started.

Painting the Ceiling examples

  • Dark colors.  Rich, deep colors can help a large room feel more balanced and warm.  Lighter walls and a dark ceiling will help draw the eye upward.
  • Light colors.  Color on a ceiling in a small room can help make the room feel more spacious by keeping the contrast of the walls minimal.
  • Effects.  Another option for your ceiling is to try different textures and effects.  Try a glossy paint or one with metallic or pearlescent effects.

While these are just a couple helpful guidelines, experiment with your blank canvas!  Try bold colors in a child’s play room or a pattern on the ceiling.  Let your paintbrush be your guide.

Need some photos for help?  This Houzz Ideabook will get your ideas flowing.

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