What’s Your Design Style?

The world of interior design is vast and has a multitude of options.  How should I arrange my furniture?  What shape table should I buy?  How do I make sure all my pieces match?  First, it is wise to figure out the design style fits you best.  This will help you decide what paint colors to pick and which furniture is consistent with the design. There are a variety of styles available today, but here we break down four very popular styles to help you decide.

  • Traditional. This style favors order, balance, and comfort. Typically, there are many details such as decorative trims and patterns. Think soft, curved lines, plush fabrics, tapered legs, and rich colors. Often times furniture arrangements are very symmetrical.
  • Modern. Modern styles are minimalist, understated, and functional. They usually have smooth textures, metals, glass, and molded woods. Look for suede, leather, chrome, simple shapes, and natural or lacquered finishes.
  • Contemporary. Contemporary signifies new, current, and popular.  Like the modern style, contemporary design favors simplicity. Straight lines, sharp corners, wide curves, and sleek fabrics and leathers popular. Look for empty walls and bold, solid colors and high contrast.
  • Transitional. Transitional designs are a mix between traditional and contemporary and an increasingly popular style. They’re comfortable and adaptable with simple lines, monochromatic color palettes, and soft shapes. Layering textures and patterns are common.


Congrats! You passed design 101 and are ready to style your space!  For more décor themes and information, check out our INSPIRATION BOOK or head over to Furniture Polished and Urban I.D. for a helpful cheat sheet and more information.


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