Window Screen Replacement Los Angeles

When you need a professional screen technician for your window screen replacement in Los Angeles, Screen Weaver is an excellent choice. We’ve been serving LA county for a number of years, providing a premium quality product and pro-installation services. Many of our customers prefer to handle the replacement on their own, with our free Web resources; whichever way you decide to go, know that we are here for you with total support from beginning to end. Give us a call at Screen Weaver to discuss your custom screen replacement project with our team.

DIY Screen Replacement Vs. Hiring A Pro

It’s not as easy as it looks to replace a window screen and achieve the same results you would expect from a professional. Most of our customers at Screen Weaver discover that the window screen replacement cost is well worth what they pay. However, if you’re determined to do the job on your own, we offer free videos and additional resources on our website to help at every step along the way. Here are a few tips:

  • Pry out the rubber spline using a spline removal tool purchased from a hardware store. Trying to use the wrong tool will most likely result in damage to the turrets. Throw out the old spine and replace it with new to ensure a long-lasting repair.
  • Purchase quality replacement window screens like the ones we offer at Screen Weaver- you’ll adore our custom designs for your windows.
  • Secure the two longest sides of the window frame to a work surface using wooden blocks.
  • Lay new screening over the frame to overlap to about one inch. Make a 45-degree cut at each corner only slightly past the spline turret.
  • Start at a corner and begin installing the screen, using the roller to push both screen and spline into the groove. Continue slowly around the entire frame, looking carefully for wrinkles or errors. You may need to remove and re-roll on occasion.
  • Using a sharp utility knife, trim off excess screen.
  • Keep up the tension to ensure the screen does not sag, but don’t pull the material tight enough to bow the frame.

Don’t Take Chances

Buy a replacement window screen from Screen Weaver and hire our experts for the perfect window screen replacement in Los Angeles. The price of window screens from our company is very affordable, as are our installation rates. We can provide a free estimate for the entire job when you call us today at 310-721-0419.

Instead of replacing window screens with plain gray or black screening material, you can enjoy unique designs that will add a warm appeal to the look of your home, outdoor space, RV, business, or other location. When the sun shines through our decorative screen, it casts shadows that make your indoor spaces look inviting. You’ll find photos of past projects, prices for our screen material, installation videos, and information about our pro-install process- all on our website. You’ll save time and you may save money, as well, by hiring us to replace your window screens.

Window Screen Replacement Los Angeles

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Window Screen Replacement Los Angeles

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