So you’re ready to build a new home but don’t want to build in a master-planned community…where do you begin?

When you start your search for the perfect property, it is smart to get a builder with strong on-your-lot experience involved at an early stage.  Although we have communities we are currently building in, we build over half of our homes on-your-lot.  Most of our customers come through our doors without a property in mind, so we utilize our network and experienced knowledge of the industry to find the perfect property for them!

Once you’ve narrowed your property choice down or perhaps chosen a lot, you should have a building professional assess the property (if you didn’t already involve a builder).  They will be able to look at the feasibility and cost of making the lot a buildable piece of land so you can decide whether or not it will work with your budget.

What to look for in an On-Your-Lot Builder:

  1. ON-YOUR-LOT EXPERIENCE – Choose a builder with strong experience in on-your-lot builds.  Although we build in some communities, over half of our homes every year are built on-your-lot.
  2. FLOOR PLAN CONCEPT – There is more to a floor plan than just creating each space, find a builder that is going to make sure your home will aesthetically make sense for your family lifestyle with your best interest in mind, and that maximizes your property’s potential.
  3. IN-HOUSE DESIGNER – Finding a builder with an in-house designer helps to make your process run smoothly.  Having someone who helps guide you along the way will help make the process of selecting every piece of your home less overwhelming. From paint colors, to appliances, to cabinetry and so much more, you’ll want a designer that works closely with the building team by your side.

Regardless of the builder you choose to design-build your new home, be realistic with your time expectations.  While a home has the capability of being built in 90-100 days, a custom built home on-your-own lot typically takes 6+ months.

A builder with on-your-lot capabilities will assist you with site evaluations, floor plans, permits, coordination, construction, and in our case, even financing (Tradition Mortgage).  Living where you want, on land you have dreamed about, in your ideal home is an essential part of the American dream. Are you ready for the next step?  Contact us to find out more information on our process and how we can build your dream home on-your-lot!