What makes a style classic or timeless?  More importantly, how can you design your home so that it gives you the essentials for long term living? Trends come and go, but classic, timeless design is always present.  At Homes by Tradition, we custom design each home to be as each homeowner imagines.  Some choose to select unique, bold features for their home, while others stick with more classic options.  Your tastes may change over time, but finding a few classic designs for your home are a great way to create a staple that gives you the essentials for long term living. Here are a few tips from our In-House Designer for classic design:classic design

COMPLIMENTARY COLORS – Neutral tones are a great choice when selecting the colors for your home.  They accentuate a space without overpowering it.  Find furniture for your home in complimentary colors and add pops of color with accessories and lighting.  By selecting beiges, browns, grays, greens and other neutral tones, you will open the door to a large array of pieces that can fit with your style.

NATURAL STONE & BRICK – Dating as far back as you can remember, natural stone and brick have been incorporated into homes via fireplaces, exteriors, accent walls, arches, landscaping and much more.  Pulling these natural, earth features into your home will provide a timeless, yet traditional look that will never go out of style.

MARBLE – Marble countertops and tile give an elegant, classic appeal to any space it is used in.  Some granites and quartz manufacturers have options that include similar movement in the designs, but natural stones give off a truly timeless feel and will leave you with a feature you will be happy with for years to come.

HARDWOOD FLOORING – No matter how old your home may be, whether 100 years old, or new construction, chances are you have some sort of hardwood flooring in your home.  Not only does hardwood flooring give an enchanting appeal to your home, but it also has the durability to last.  Coming in a variety of colors, styles, species and widths, putting this type of flooring in your home allows you to have a classic design while still being able to select a hardwood style that is more modern or traditional to fit your style.

SUBWAY TILES – When shopping for your kitchen backsplash, think about photos you have seen that inspire you.  Is it more modern? Rustic? Or perhaps transitional? There are innumerable options for tiles for all styles.  Subway tiles are an option that can work for multiple styles.  They have been around for decades and give a sleek, classic look to your kitchen space while still allowing room to spice it up. For added spice to your design, add a strip of mosaic tile through the center of your subway tiles or create some unique accent tiling by your cooktop.

FURNITURE – Good quality, durable furniture pieces can be the centerpiece to your spaces throughout your home.  Finding furniture that can stand the test of time will allow you to just change out some accessories, and perhaps paint, to get a fresh look for the space instead of having to replace furniture as well.

Overall, classic design lasts through decades.  Strive for a healthy balance of trendy and timeless in your home.  Focus on finding a few main pieces for each space that you can keep long term while simply updating accessories and lighting to add a fresh look to your home. For more information on our custom home building process or to ask our Designer a question, contact us at 952.322.8700 or info@homesbytradition.com