Discovering the Art of Luxury Custom Homes with Homes by Tradition

Luxury custom home construction by Homes by Tradition

At Homes by Tradition, we stand as a beacon of personalized luxury in the realm of home building. With roots planted firmly in Minnesota soil, our team dedicates itself to bringing your vision to life, honoring the “Your Home, Your Way” mantra. It’s not just about putting up walls and a roof–it’s about architecting a sanctuary that embodies your individual style and aspirations.

Designing Your Dream: The Personal Touch

Our journey with our clients begins with a blank canvas. We understand that a true luxury custom home is reflective of its owners. It’s all about the minute details–those personal touches that resonate with your style. This is why we provide bespoke design services, ensuring that every nook of your home echoes your persona. From selecting the perfect materials to crafting distinctive architectural elements, the goal is to infuse your space with a sense of “you.”

Our award-winning design team is not just versed in current trends; we’re visionaries who forecast what’s on the horizon, making your home not just contemporary but timelessly elegant. As Luxury Custom Home Builders Savage, we believe in a home that stands out for its craftsmanship and timeless design.

Building Beyond Excellence: Quality and Craftsmanship

Quality is etched into the foundation of every residence we construct. Our master builders’ attention to detail is unparalleled, ensuring that every fixture, fitting, and finish meets our rigorous standards. We’re not just building homes; we’re creating legacies intended to endure generation after generation. Excellence is not an aspiration; it’s a guarantee.

By limiting the number of projects we undertake, we ensure that your home receives the undivided focus it deserves. As esteemed Luxury Custom Home Builders Savage, we pride ourselves on a partnership approach, joining forces with you every step of the way, aligning with your expectations and pushing the boundaries of innovation to deliver a space that is as functional as it is breathtaking.

Creative Endeavors: Unique Design Solutions

At Homes by Tradition, our clients often seek more than luxury–they seek individuality. This is why we don’t just offer homes; we offer design solutions. Have a unique challenge or a specific need? Our design team relishes the opportunity to conceive creative solutions that are both beautiful and practical. Whether it’s adapting a home to the local environment or incorporating cutting-edge smart home technology seamlessly into your living spaces, we craft homes that not only look spectacular but also live intelligently.

Innovative custom home design meeting functionality

Streamlined Process: From Vision to Reality

To bring your dream home from concept to completion requires a cohesive, streamlined process. Our design-build service is a testament to our commitment to a smooth, efficient, and transparent journey. By managing all aspects of the home-building process, from initial sketches to the final touches, we remove stress and complexity, leaving you to enjoy the creative process.

Our affiliation with the Tradition Companies network is what allows us to provide an unmatched level of service. We connect the dots between design, construction, financing, and closing–delivering solutions that are both sophisticated and sensible. Choosing Savage Luxury Custom Home Builders like us means choosing a seamless path to your dream home.

A Client-Focused Approach to Building

Perhaps one of our most distinguishing traits is our client-centered approach. Your needs, dreams, and goals are the stars we navigate by. Unlike others who may seesaw from one approach to another, we stay true to our guiding principle: the client comes first. Being Luxury Custom Home Builders Savage, we don’t just listen; we hear you. We don’t just build; we collaborate. This philosophy is what has earned us not just respect in the industry but the trust of the families we serve.

Renovating with Reverence: Transforming Spaces

Alongside our new home constructions, we also extend our expertise into renovations. We recognize that sometimes luxury isn’t about moving; it’s about transforming the familiar into the extraordinary. With adept craftsmen and visionary designers, we orchestrate renovations that rejuvenate and redefine your existing space, adhering to the same high standards we apply to our new builds.

Allied with this service, we offer restorative touches and expansions that maintain the integrity of your home’s character while infusing it with new life. Our renovation projects are never cookie-cutter; they are as unique as the families who live in them and as distinctive as the homes we build from scratch.

Our Heritage: Built on Generations of Excellence

The legacy of Homes by Tradition is framed by generations of expertise in the building industry. This rich history is reflected in the meticulous care we invest in every project. As a local, family-owned business, we understand the Minnesota community’s values and strive to create homes that are not just structures but integral parts of the local landscape.

Each new construction carries with it our family’s reputation for excellence, integrity, and innovation. As Luxury Custom Home Builders Savage, we take this responsibility seriously, ensuring that every home we craft not only meets our high standards but sets new benchmarks for luxury living.

Contacting Homes by Tradition: Your First Step Toward Luxury

Luxurious home reflecting generational excellence

Embarking upon your journey to a custom luxury home begins with a conversation. Reach out to us at our Lakeville office, and let’s discuss the endless possibilities waiting to be uncovered. With Homes by Tradition, your aspirations are not just attainable–they are the blueprint we follow. Dive into the experience, and lets your home feel brand new.

Adhering to the highest professional codes and respecting our client’s privacy and satisfaction, we invite you to take the step with us. Contact the Luxury Custom Home Builders Savage trusts and watch as we raise not just walls but a testament to your lifestyle and achievements.

By choosing Homes by Tradition, you’re not just selecting a builder; you’re choosing a partner committed to bringing your vision to life. Let us craft a space that speaks of your life’s journey and the aspirations of tomorrow. With a nod to tradition and a gaze set firmly on innovation, we stand ready to create your masterpiece.

Who is the largest builder of luxury homes?

While Homes by Tradition takes immense pride in the bespoke luxury homes we craft for our clients, globally, the title of largest builder of luxury homes often goes to well-known companies like Toll Brothers in the United States. They’ve built a reputation over the years for delivering a high volume of luxe, customizable homes with upscale features. But it’s important to remember that size isn’t everything. As a dedicated team of artisans who specialize in high-end, personalized homes, we focus on quality and the individual needs of each homeowner, ensuring that every detail is a reflection of their unique vision.

Who is the number one home builder in the US?

The title of ‘number one home builder in the US’ is often awarded to D.R. Horton in terms of volume and the number of homes built annually. It’s a title that reflects their broad appeal to a range of buyers, including those seeking entry-level homes. At Homes by Tradition, though, we align more with the craftsmanship aspect of the building, aiming to be the number one choice for clients seeking a more intimate, involved, and custom homebuilding experience. It’s about more than just numbers for us–it’s about creating homes that stand as a legacy to our clients’ lives.

How to negotiate with a custom home builder?

Negotiating with a custom home builder is all about understanding value and trust. Here at Homes by Tradition, we encourage open communication from the outset. Start by being clear about your budget and priorities, and don’t hesitate to ask about where there’s flexibility in costs for materials or design alternatives. Remember, it’s a partnership where honesty sets the foundation for a successful build. We strive to work within your financial boundaries to deliver a home that doesn’t compromise on the personal touches that make it truly yours.

Who are the top rated home builders in Texas?

In Texas, some of the top-rated home builders include Perry Homes, Highland Homes, and David Weekley Homes, known for their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. These builders, much like Homes by Tradition, have a reputation for reliability and beautiful home designs. Texas offers a diverse market with plenty of choices for prospective homeowners looking for quality construction with a personal touch.

How does Homes by Tradition ensure their homes remain timeless and avoid trendy pitfalls?

Timelessness in home design is achieved by marrying classic elements with modern sensibilities. Our award-winning design team stays ahead of the curve, discerning fleeting trends from lasting style. We encourage our clients to opt for neutral palettes and add personality through easily changeable accents. Our approach ensures your home remains elegant, with the durability to transcend time, something fleeting trends can never promise.

What are some ways Homes by Tradition personalizes luxury homes for their clients?

Personalization is at the heart of what we do; it’s how we bring ‘Your Home, Your Way’ to life. From the outset, we delve deep into understanding our clients’ lifestyles, preferences, and even their day-to-day routines. This informs every detail, be it tailoring smart home technology to fit a client’s tech-savviness or designing a gourmet kitchen for the passionate cook in the family. We have even incorporated personal artifacts or heirloom materials into the build itself, ensuring that each home is a unique narrative of the lives that unfold within its walls.


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