Moving day has finally arrived!  After packing box after box, who knows where everything is? Whether your belongings are in-route to the new home, in storage, or all delivered and ready to unbox, take some stress out of moving by being prepared for the first few nights in your new home. Although it’s no sunny beach vacation, packing as if you are taking a trip or weekend getaway will save time and energy when it comes to finding those random items. Pack a small suitcase for each family member with the basics; just like if you were heading on vacation.  Here are 16 must-have items for the first nights in your home:


  1. TOOL KIT & SCISSORS –You’ll be surprised at how much these items will get used your first week.
  2. KEYS – This may seem obvious, but with boxes all over your home and nothing put away, loose keys can go missing quickly! Put your new keys on the same keychain as your car keys to help avoid them getting lost.
  3. FIRST-AID KIT – There is bound to be some bumps and bruises when moving everything…maybe even a few paper cuts & scrapes! Be prepared with basic first-aid items – especially bandages!
  4. ALARM CLOCK – Spending the first few nights in your new home will be an adjustment. You’ll also have a new commute to work/school, so make sure to have your alarm set so you aren’t late!
  5. BEDDING/PILLOW – Odds are that you won’t have your beds put together yet. Make sure you store some sheets, pillows, blankets and a sleeping bag or air mattress somewhere you will remember for when it gets late!
  6. CHARGERS – Your family and friends will be so excited to hear about your new home. Don’t forget to charge your electronics so you can stay in touch with them! Pack chargers for your phones, laptops/tablets, and anything else you use on a daily basis.
  7. CHANGE OF CLOTHES/SHOES – Plan ahead with a few days of outfits so you don’t have to worry about what you are going to wear the next day or if you’ll be able to find two matching shoes to wear!
  8. MEDICATION – Remember any daily medication you or any family member takes, but also grab some ibuprofein and Tylenol™ for those sore muscles and headaches!
  9. TOILETRIES – Grab your hair products, make-up, toilet paper, towels, and all other bath necessities.
  10. BASIC CLEANING SUPPLIES – It is nice to have some paper towels, a broom, window cleaner, washcloths, soap, vacuum, etc. so you have the ability to clean or wipe up anything as you start unboxing everything.
  11. PLATES/UTENSILS/CUPS – You may be sitting on the floor for dinner, but at least you’ll have dinnerware! Pack some paper plates, silverware, and disposable cups – this way you don’t have to worry about doing the dishes either.
  12. EASY MEALS – Moving isn’t the best time to be planning a five-course meal for dinner. Grab some food that doesn’t require much preparation, like pasta, sandwiches, cereal, fruit/veggies, etc.
  13. SNACKS/DRINKS – You’ll get hungry as you get things moved. Keep up your energy with some snacks and beverages.
  14. RADIO – You probably won’t have your internet/WiFi or TV hooked up yet, so bring a radio along to listen to some music while you put your belongings away!
  15. PEN & PAPER – As you start getting settled, you will have a running to-do list with items you have to purchase. Keep a pen and paper handy to write everything down so you don’t forget anything.
  16. OTHERS – Don’t forget about your PETS and KIDS! Make sure you have your pet’s food, dishes, leash, and toys.  Also keep in mind your children’s backpacks and any favorite toys, games or entertainment to keep them occupied.


This is just a short list of the essentials to keep in mind.  There are many other items that can be added to your list depending on what you feel is a necessity in your daily life.  If you are still in search of a new home, let us build you a custom home to meet your needs!  Call 952.322.8700 or email to get started.


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