When you are searching for a builder to build your new home, there are endless amounts of questions you can ask. Here are just a few of the questions that we think are important to ask before you select a builder and start the process.

Do you only offer specific floor plans or is custom design an option?

Some home builders have specific floor plans they offer and a set amount of predetermined options allowed in each plan.  Knowing what you are able to do with builder’s plans is one of the first questions you should ask. Homes by Tradition is truly a custom home builder in the Twin Cities south metro area.  We have multiple floor plans that we can start from if needed, but can also start a home from scratch and sketch it out to fit your specific needs.

How much is the customer involved in the building process?

When a home is being built, it is important that the building team is organized and provides the customer with a timeline and schedule to follow along throughout the process.  This keeps customers in the loop and makes sure they are aware of every step as their dream home becomes a reality.

Can I talk to some of your current homeowners?

There is no better way to know what the process will be like with a builder than contacting a few of their homeowners.  Current homeowners have been through the process and know the people you will be working with throughout your build.  They will be able to give you input on the builder and possibly tips for the design-build process.

Who will be the main point of contact?

Some builders have various contacts depending on the stage you are in. It may be your sales representative or the project manager assigned to your home.  Having one point of contact minimizes miscommunication or details lost in translation between multiple people. With Homes by Tradition, you will be in contact every step of the way with our President, Dean Nelson.  Dean is with you from the moment you walk through our doors until the day your house keys are given to you.

Do you have an in-house designer?

A designer that is part of the builder’s team is going to make your process of selections much more smooth. Homes by Tradition has a full-time in-house designer that works closely with our customers to put together the color scheme and design of each and every home we build.  There are typically 7-10 designer meetings that are set up to space out the selection process to be less overwhelming for the customer.  Our designer is there to make your vision a reality.

These are just a few questions to ask amongst many others! Other questions may include: How do you compare yourself to other builders? What is your warranty? What included features are in your homes? Will you finish our lower level in the future? What do you provide for service after closing? If you are ready to get started on your new home, give us a call at 952.322.8700.