Building a home is a milestone in your life, whether it may be your first home or your custom dream home.  Every homeowner is going to have a vision and idea of what style their home is going to be.  At the end of the day, whether it is a rambler or a two-story home, it comes down to the preference of the homeowner and the lifestyle they plan to live in the home. Here are a few differentiators between rambler and two-story homes to think about before you decide on the style of your next home.


  • Main Level Living

Many people are requesting homes with a “master-on-the-main.”  This can be accommodated in 2-story homes, but is most frequently seen in rambler style homes.  Master’s on the main allow for single level living for the homeowners without having to go up or down any stairs to utilize various spaces in their home.

  • Appeals to Every Generation

Although ramblers may appeal more toward the empty-nester’s or active adults, ramblers can also be a fit for younger families.  A younger family can finish their lower level or add in a loft space to accommodate for a growing family, while still keeping their main living on the main floor. This satisfies current family needs and the future when their children grow up.



  • horizontal_photoSense of Security

Two-story homes typically have the master bedroom and all children’s bedrooms on the same floor.  This gives parents the peace of mind knowing that their children are close by during the night.  Sleeping on various levels of the home when children are young makes putting your kid’s back to sleep after their nightmares a little more difficult!

  • Lot Flexibility

Building a two-story home allows for more flexibility with lot dimensions and design opportunities.  Since a two-story home builds UP, it typically has a smaller footprint than a rambler home due to the size to accommodate all living space on the main level.  A smaller footprint tends to give the homeowner flexibility to rotate their home and add in patios or decks without worrying about running out of space by the property lines.


These are just a few differences between rambler and two-story homes.   As mentioned earlier, the style of home is completely up to the preference of each homeowner.  To see more of our custom homes, both rambler style and 2-story, be sure to visit our photo gallery.