Homeowners in the market for a new home are requesting a “smart” home.  Just as green features are becoming standard in new home construction, so are smart features.  These features can be installed for practical and functional use, while others are for lifestyle and entertainment or safety and security.  Here are a few top technology features in new home construction.

ALARMS – Forget to turn on the alarm before you went to the cabin for the weekend?  No worries – with a smart security system, you can just pull out your phone and secure your home with the click of a button! There are alarm products on the market that can fill the need or want of any buyer.  Whether you are looking for all-in-one devices or separated components, monthly fees or a one-time fee, there are plenty of options to fit what you are looking for.  For camera integration, choose between an exterior surveillance system, interior surveillance of your common areas, or both!  Built-in motion sensors, window sensors, and door sensors are also very common in today’s new homes.

AIR CONTROL – With a smart air control system, the temperature, humidity, and energy of your home can all be tracked and adjusted to your daily routine.  The system will sense when the home is vacant and can adjust accordingly to save money on your monthly bills.

LIGHTING – Leaving your home dark while on vacation is a risky move.  With an automated lighting system, you can set your lights to turn on and off throughout the day to appear as if someone is home.  This will help avoid any break-ins and keep you worry-free while you are out of town.

APPLIANCES – Everything from refrigerators to washers and dryers to HVAC systems and shower controls can be purchased with smart features and capabilities. Some brands even allow a phone application that you can use to start a load of laundry or start the dishwasher from a remote location.

CLEANING – Why spend hours cleaning your floors or mowing your lawn when there is technology to do that for you!  Homeowners can purchase robot vacuums and lawn mowers that will do the task for them on a scheduled time and save homeowners hours of time that they would normally have to spend cleaning and mowing.  Although you may pay more up front, these gadgets will save you time and energy in the long run!

These are just a few examples of home technology that is common in new homes today.  Some other common features are smart TVs, 4K TVs, remote control blinds, and much more! There are never-ending, futuristic features that are catching traction, so stay tuned and watch for what technology is coming next.  Not only can you include these in your future home, but you can add these features to your current home to enhance re-sale value.

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