When most of us think about the ceilings in our home we see white and flat.  Incorporating vaults  and ceiling designs into your home can add unique character and instant appeal. The perfect design varies depending on the room and feel of your home. Here are a few ceiling options to think about for your home:

PicMonkey CollageBox Vault – A box vault ceiling is one of the most desired vault options.  With a raised ceiling in the center of the room, it helps make the room seem larger while still keeping the overall look of simplicity.  For an added touch, some people choose to add decorative panels, tiles, moldings, or lighting in the vaulted ceiling to add some extra dimension.  Master bedrooms and foyers are a great place to include this type of vaulted ceiling!

Cathedral Vault – For those buyers looking for an open concept floor plan, a two-story vault is a great option to really open up your home.  Not only will your great room feel large and airy due to the high ceilings, it gives you the ability to be accessible by anyone who is on the upper level with the overlook it creates.

Exposed Beams – A popular trend the past few years has been adding exposed beams to the ceiling.  Whether they are a rustic look with reclaimed wood or a more traditional look with stained wood, beams add a character to the space.

Coffered Ceilings – Nothing beats the look of a coffered or box beam ceiling with its grid of bold beams.  Depending on the design, you can create a more traditional feel or design something more contemporary and modern in design. Coffered ceilings create a high-end feel and are a great way to add detail to main living areas, kitchens, or even the master suite.

Bead Board – Bead board can be used for all sorts of projects – wainscoting, cabinetry, bars, and much more!  Doing a bead board ceiling in your mudroom, entry, laundry, porch or other various spaces throughout your house is a fun addition to the space.  Paneling can be painted white for a modern farmhouse feel, or stained to add a more traditional detail to the home.

These five ceiling options are just a few that we most commonly see when building custom homes. Incorporating a smooth ceiling application and crown molding also adds aesthetic appeal and unique texture to the ceiling space. For some ceiling inspiration, check out our PHOTO GALLERY.

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